How do I become a member of the Trinity Parents' Group?

All parents, step-parents and guardians of current Trinity Episcopal School students are automatically members of the Trinity Parents’ Group.

What is the mission of the TPG?

The Trinity Parents Group supports the school by fostering parent involvement, community service and fundraising. All families are encouraged to take an active role. 

How do I get involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved:

  • Fill out and return the volunteer sheet that you will receive in the summer packet.
  • Check ChildPost and look for emails from the school and your room mothers for upcoming opportunities.
  • Get in touch with the Chairs of a particular event and let them know your availability.
  • Email the TPG President at and let us know that you are looking for a chance to get involved.
When are school-wide TPG Meetings?
General TPG Meetings are held at Parents' Night in the fall but may called at the discretion of the TPG President.  Many smaller TPG meetings are held throughtout the year. 


How do I become a Room Mother?

If you are interested in becoming a Room Mother, please call or email your division head.

How is the money raised by TPG spent?

The money raised by the TPG is primarily used to fund faculty and staff wish list items and enrichment grants. Contributions are also made to the Trinity Parents’ Group Endowment Fund.