Christmas Greens FAQ's

Q: When will I get my order?

A: Local items are anticipated to be delivered to your front door on November 29 and 30. Gift items will be put in the mail to ship to you or your recipient around December 5. Note: if you are a Trinity parent or staff member, we appreciate your order and require that you (or a family member) pick up your greens at Trinity on November 29 and 30.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: Local items will be delivered only within New Orleans/Metairie and other locations within a 10 or so mile drive of Trinity Episcopal School. If you are uncertain if we deliver to your area, please contact us at If you live farther away, please consider one of our fantastic gift items that are shipped directly from our vendors. 

Q: Can I have poinsettias (or wreaths) delivered to my neighbor (or Mom or hairdresser)?

A: Yes! As long as 10 flowers (any combination of colors) are being delivered to one address within our delivery area. At check out look for ship to multiple addresses fields. Any questions, please contact us at

Q: I only want 6 poinsettias – can you do that?

A: Unfortunately our minimum order is 10, but the 10 flowers do not all need to be the same color. Perhaps consider giving the poinsettias you will not use at your home as hostess gifts, or split the order with a friend, colleague, or neighbor.

Q: Which 75’ garland should I order – Western Cedar or Douglas Fir/Cedar mix?

A: Both garlands are fresh, fragrant, and lovely, so it is a matter of preference. The western cedar is a looser feathery garland – see the photos on the Brochure page. The Douglas fir/cedar mix garland holds form a little more. Trinity typically sells about 25% more cedar garland.

Q: I forgot to order a wreath for the back door (or a King Cake for my sister), what can I do?

A: We can add to your order until November 2nd. Additionally, local items (22” & 28” wreaths, 10’ & 75’ garlands, and poinsettias) are available in limited quantities at Trinity Episcopal School on November 29 and 30 for credit and carry sales. If necessary, email us at and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

Q: Can I pay with my credit card and/or check?

A: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, purchases this year are only being accepted online via credit card on our website for all of your greens and send gifts. The website even keeps track of the addresses to which you send items, so you can quickly resend gifts year after year. If you needs to discuss payment options please email

Q: Can my company be invoiced?

A: An invoice can be created for your company. However receipt of payment must be received before items will be delivered. TPG reserves the right to re-sell any items if payment is not received by November 29.

Q: Can I ship the items to one address and be billed at a different address?

A: Yes! At check out there is an option for a different shipping address from billing. Follow the prompts. If you have any questions, email us at