Collection: La Boucherie | October 28th

La Boucherie is one of the three-year rotating Trinity Parents' Group fundraisers. It will take place this fall on Saturday, October 28th from 6 to 9 PM on the Ripley Family Field. 

Traditionally, each grade had a competing team, but we are moving to a 3-team format: Les Enfants & Pink House, Lower School, and Middle School. 

The event will also be fully catered by Central City BBQ with an open bar, DJ Tony Scratchere, and a small but exciting silent auction. The only goal of the BBQ teams is to cook the best (and most creative?) BBQ you can, not to feed a whole party! 

We ask that you have ~150-200 bites/samples for judging. We aren't able to cook onsite so food needs to arrive fully cooked, but we will have tables, plates, forks, and anything else you need! 

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